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Custom Booth

Our Custom Stands are destination points on the trade show floor, an amalgamation of form and experience that generates traffic and sales leads. We specialize in combining the element and power of a three-dimensional exhibit "environment" to produce an extension of the corporate client's image. Our Custom Exhibit Purchases are the correct choice for companies that have precise and detailed needs and superior resources. Custom Exhibit options use cabinetmaking techniques and metal fabrication for construction. This building method allows for precise sizes, colours, curvatures and angles, required by a project. They are done to exacting measurements.

These exhibits are also known for their clean lines, since they do not require the use of exposed modular aluminium extrusions. This customization does necessitate a larger budget for this fabrication technique. The cost per square foot of these jobs is significantly higher than a Modular Exhibit, since they are considered, a throwaway, in most cases.

Besides being customized to meet a particular company's needs, they are not engineered to be modular, portable, easy to install or shipping friendly. Many of these projects have to be finished at show site, during setup. Custom exhibits typically have an intensive use of graphics.

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Commercial Interiors

In the tradeshow world deadlines are critical neither optional nor flexible and we bring that mindset with us when working on permanent commercial construction.

While we are not a general Contractor, we can play the key role in completing your construction project on time, in budget, and with the flair and excitement of the trade show floor. Making an impact with flair, class, and pizzazz is something we live everyday and we bring that Talent to our commercial interiors.

When working with a commercial architect, 3D design is not always their expertise, but we believe that the key to the successful completion of an amazing space begins with knowing what the project will look like when it is finished.

  • 3D creative design and modelling
  • Construction project management
  • Cabinetry, store fixturing, point of purchase displays, and millwork
  • Signage and Graphic design
  • A/V integration
It's our challenges and obstacles that give us layers of depth and make us interesting. Are they fun when they happen? No. But they are what make us unique. And that's what I know for sure... I think.
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One Source Custom Modular Purchases

Our light weight custom modular displays with ease of Set Up and the ability to reconfigure the same exhibit to meet changing marketing needs. Our exhibit system combines modular panels, fabric structures, Truss, and aluminium extrusions with merchandising capabilities to create exhibit solutions as breathtaking as they are functional.Going Modular is an alternative to purchasing rather than renting but with the flexibility of ownership with the ease of renting.

  • A Custom Modular Reconfigurable Exhibit with Shipping Containers
  • AV Equipment, Carpeting, Furniture – for purchase or rent
  • I&D and Shipping – using our own crews and trucks
  • Warehousing estimation – we have facilities for proper storage
  • Turnkey pricing, a Project Manager, an I&D Lead, and all of your forms handled

Contact us today –

We will provide a turn-key solution. We are not like other exhibit sales houses – our one price will get you onto the show floor as we are a One Stop Exhibit Solution.

Tribox Solutions opened its doors as a custom Modular Exhibit provider. For those clients that prefer to purchase an exhibit that can be reconfigured and that is engineered to be used again and again we are reintroducing the custom modular purchase alternative. These exhibits can be continuously reconfigured year after year to meet our clients growing needs. Expand and contract based on your show floor space. Using the most advanced materials and finishing available, products include, but are not limited to: custom tension fabric structures and extrusion based exhibit solutions, linking panels, custom back walls and flooring, hanging structures, aluminium Truss, lighting, staging, and grand format inkjet graphics.

Tribox is an all inclusive exhibit house; we are at complete plus status. Talk to your sales executive today and allow him/her to guide you through the purchase or rental possibilities to meet your specific Trade Show requirement

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Pavilion Exhibit Rentals

A pavilion is a large exhibit space with a number of exhibitors under the same banner. This might be a country, a region, or a like product. Each exhibitor purchases his/her exhibit space from the association that rules the pavilion. In most cases the pavilion ownership is a not-for-profit organization. Pavilions come in all shapes and sizes – they might be simple shell schemes or over-the-top. The key to a successful pavilion is to offer a great pre-marketing plan, quality exhibit spaces, and an additional menu of offerings and services for the individual exhibitor.